Electric Grid in Texas Becoming Greener Pre-EPA Crackdown

by admin on September 25, 2013

A recent analysis by the Dallas Morning News has shown that as Texas’ energy supply moves closer towards President Obama’s goals on pollution and energy efficiency, opposition has been displayed by the state’s top elected officials. This has caused many companies to already initiate a green and clean policy. In 2012 nearly 60 percent of the state’s electricity was sourced from plants that produced less carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour than the regulations that the EPA proposed on Friday, showing a 1000 percent increase in cleaner power’s share over the past ten years.


Texas is the country’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide, partially due to its international oil, gas and chemical industries as well as its continual burning of fossil fuels such as coal. Some in the electric industry say meeting these restrictions may be impossible, and companies are therefore likely to maneuver towards gas-fired electricity and renewables like wind in an attempt to become more efficient. While there may be conflict as more eco-friendly regulations are initiated, it’s simply stated as being a necessary step for the future as carbon dioxide emissions become more of an issue.

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