The Winter Vortex Slams Texas Power Grid

by admin on January 13, 2014

The Texas state power grid nearly went down completely last week due to a massive demand during the recent winter vortex. The cold temperatures hit the entire state, and many customers were clamoring for warmth. However, the increased demand caused two power stations to fail and a third nearly failed.

ERCOT, The Electric Reliability Council of  Texas, had to issue a level 2 energy warning, and rolling blackouts were narrowly avoided across the state. While the low temperatures on the first day of the winter vortex were not records, they were cold enough to stress the Texas power grid so much that power had to be imported from the Eastern and Mexican power grids.

As prices of one megawatt-hour rose above $5000, the state realized that it was no adequately-prepared for the cold temperatures. Power needs are usually highest in the winter, but now ERCOT is asking homeowners to keep their thermostats at 68 degrees in order to conserve energy.

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